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Creative & Customisable

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Creativity meets sustainability without compromise

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword. 

It’s expected from your clients, many industry standards and awards require it, and your career depends on it.

Architects and designers tell us it's difficult to find a recycled material that inspires them - that looks beautiful, feels refined, and functions as well as its unsustainable counterparts.

That’s the challenge Critical’s Cleanstone is here to solve

Saving the planet never looked this good...

Show stopping sustainability

Cleanstone from Critical is a stunning, sustainable, 100% recycled plastic panel that can elevate your next project. 

Made in Aotearoa from 100% reclaimed NZ plastic waste, our panels come in a variety of pre-designed or custom colours and finishes, so you can realise your design vision and create a space that is truly unique. 

And, at the end of their life, we buy them back to recycle into new Cleanstone over and over again. 

Creativity without compromise

Make your next project so memorable your clients keep coming back for more. 

With Cleanstone, we help architects and designers to push design boundaries while meeting Green Star and sustainability targets. 

Dive into the world of endless possibilities and let your excitement for adventure and innovative design shine through.

"We loved working with Critical. to bring our clients like 'One NZ' unique and eco-friendly materials that are also uncompromising to our creative vision. Working with products like Cleanstone supports our vision to address one of society's most important challenges, which is to care for our planet."

— Gareth HustonPrincipal, Warren and Mahoney Architects

"Critical. are an inspiring innovator to work with. Sourcing regenerative products and celebrating Kiwi innovation is very important to Unispace. As a global leader, it’s exciting to be able to use this local product and share it with our global network to raise the product profile internationally. Cleanstone is beautiful, unique and adds a rich layer of storytelling to all designs.”

— Meg RowntreeAssociate - Design, Unispace

Strong, durable, striking

At Critical, we believe that sustainability is more than ticking a box. Materials should do their job and make a meaningful positive impact on the world.

Your design should be supported to take a beating and still look as good as the day you installed it. 

With Cleanstone’s eco-conscious, eye-catching or refined panels, you'll push design boundaries and make sustainability sexy and cool.

"As NZ's largest retail group committed to sustainability, integrating Cleanstone material made of our own plastic waste in our Newmarket Torpedo 7 store was such a wonderful way to demonstrate our commitment to waste reduction. Best of all using it as solid surfaces, fixtures and wall panels meant our customers could physically engage with our sustainability principles."

— David BenattarChief Sustainability Officer, The Warehouse Group

Low carbon materials

With Cleanstone, we're on a mission to reduce the built environment's carbon footprint. 

Shockingly, this sector contributes to 20% of New Zealand's emissions, with embodied carbon being the second largest source at 9%. 

Our Cleanstone are low carbon (0.006 - 0.012 CO2e/kg) and made right here in Aotearoa, using locally recycled plastic instead of oil.

Helping Architects & Designers Lead The Way

Plastic Panels Recycled. Redefined. Reformed.

Cleanstone is made from hard-to-recycle plastic waste from Aotearoa, New Zealand, that no one else can take.

Our panels are prefinished and are solid blocks of 100% recycled plastic. No additives. No breakable veneers. Just recycled plastics.

To complete the cycle and be a truly sustainable product, at the end of its life, we buy back Cleanstone and reform it into new Cleanstone over and over again. 

100% Moisture & waterproof

Low maintenance

Pre-designed or custom colour and finishes


No finishing or sealing needed.

Tough and durable

No rotting, chipping or loss of quality

Kōkako Commercial Bay

Using the Marble Cleanstone, Kōkako's store in Auckland's downtown Commercial Bay transformed 8,000 milk bottles into a stage for talented baristas to craft a unique coffee drinking experience.

Ko wai tātou

At Critical, we're all about empowering architects, interior designers, and building professionals in Aotearoa, New Zealand, with eco-friendly materials that look beautiful and make Papatūānuku grin from ear to ear.

By empowering architects and designers to fulfil their vision, we enable the creation of buildings and spaces that use recycled products and prevent waste from polluting our seas and land. 

Our eco-friendly materials can also be reused after the end of their life. In doing so, we help our clients become good tīpuna (ancestors) for future generations, ensuring our tamariki (children) can prosper for thousands of years to come.

Our Story

Critical Cleanstone, Laminate MDF, Timber
or ACM? Which To Use?

"The classroom is a tough environment. There is just not another product like Cleanstone on the market that can take a beating while still be beautiful and restorative for our planet."

— Pete JonesPrincipal, Manurewa High School

Manurewa High School

From decorative wall panels to classroom table tops, Manurewa High School is leading the future of sustainable learning environments with Cleanstone.

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From Plastic Waste To Beautiful, Durable And Circular Materials

Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats to our environment. 

Certifications like Green Star champion the sustainability of building projects, including interior design. And clients are requiring more sustainable building practices to promote their environmental awareness. 

As the leaders of design, architects and designers want sustainable, durable and beautiful products. 

Imagine being able to have eco-friendly products that allow you to realise your design vision and create career-defining interiors that also tell a great story to your clients, protect the earth and make doing good awesome again. 

At Critical, we developed a way to manufacture stunning, sustainable plastic panels from 100% reclaimed NZ plastic waste. Which, at the end of their life, can be remade back into more Cleanstone, environmentally-friendly products. 

Now you can source eco-friendly materials that inspire your designs rather than limit them. And allow you to create interiors that become career-defining moments. 

Recycled never looked so good. 

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