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Follow our story as it unfolds How One School is turning plastic waste into desks.

June 2023
Manurewa High School has a plan to refurbish old desk frames using new tops, made with 100% recycled plastic panels from local startup Critical. When the school no longer needs the desktops, they can be bought back by Critical.

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May 2023
Plastic recycler Critical to expand micro factories globally. Critical CEO and co-founder Rui Peng speaks with Fiona Rotherham.

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Podcast: This Climate Business

April 2023
Conventional plastics recycling is fussy: it can handle only four of the 24 types of plastic, and even those have to be clean. Here’s the story of Auckland-based social enterprise Critical, which uses a proprietary technology to turn a wide range of waste plastics, including more contaminated ones, into construction boards and countertops.

The Project

October 2022
The Change Maker transforming our plastic waste into a unique building material.

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May 2022
Circular economy start-up overcomes destructive tornado, Rui Peng.

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Podcast: Shape The System

April 2022
In episode 41 we talk to Rui Peng about plastic and its role in rethinking the materials used in all forms of commercial enterprise from retail fit-outs to moving to furniture.

April 2022
The social enterprise turning plastic waste into something beautiful.

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Sustainable Business Network

April 2022
Recycled plastic bags feature in new store (Critical.)

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NZ Herald

February 2022
Recycling startup growing, despite tornado and pandemic.

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August 2021
A social enterprise that hopes to save the world, one plastic milk bottle at a time.

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The Warehouse Group

October 2019
The making of Torpedo7's reusable bag fixtures

Tedx Talks

July 2018
The Unlikely Neighbourhoods of Innovation | Andy Crowe & Rui Peng | TEDxAuckland

The Big Idea

November 2017
Rui Peng: The challenges of the social entrepreneur.

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