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Retail Fitouts

Fusion 5 Workspace by Unispace

Designed by the talented team at Unispace, Fusion5's elegant new office feature Cleanstone as commercial benchtops. Unispace specified a custom Marble Cleanstone with red and black accents for the main staff recreation space and the Piha Cleanstone for the downstairs kitchenette.

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Modular furniture with Spacebar Design

With the average lifecycle of a fit out lasting 5-7 years, right now at the end of life all materials goes to landfill. We've partnered with Spacebar design to offer Cleanstone into their modular furniture where materials can be swapped and every component be reused and ultmately, recycled. Check out the results!

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Manurewa Highschool Science Block Fit Out

Manurewa High School's rollout of Critical. Cleanstone as replacement #classroom table tops is in full swing. And with the recent launch of their newly renovated science block #fitout they are proving that we can elegantly extend the life of Aotearoa's circa 165,000 school desks into generations beyond ours.

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Christchurch Art Gallery Fit Out

CoCA Centre of Contemporary Art Toi Moroki in Christchurch approached Aspect Furniture to help with a display and storage requirement for their space. Designed and manufactured by the team at Aspect, they elegantly combined Critical. 'Clear' Cleanstone with aluminium to achieve a clean and minimalist aesthetic from material choice through to form. This project achieves a remarkable feat: it merges subtle aesthetics, elegant craftsmanship with eco-conscious design principles.

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Eventfinda Stadium Canteen Fit Out

Eventfinda Stadium's recent canteen fit out by Kanat Studio feature a funky glowing front counter made with a custom Critical. Cleanstone blend. With Eventfinda's main colours being orange and purple, we worked collaboratively with Kanat Studio to develop an 'Eventfinda' Cleanstone made from 100% recycled orange commercial fishing nets, waste plastic purple bottle caps and recycled soft plastics.

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Westlake Boy's Highschool Library

Spacebar Design's considered modular furniture system design alongside a custom 'Pika' Critical. Cleanstone was fitted into the school that cared about not only sustainability, but durability and a clean aesthetic. Made in Aotearoa from 100% Aotearoa soft plastic packaging destined for landfill.Our bespoke Pika mix is designed to look like apixelated or pebble finish reminiscent of our riversides. Further more, it's 100% recyclable and low carbon.

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Konei's Flagship Retail Store

A beautiful retail counter made using 100% 'Forest' Cleanstone to welcome visitors into a space that celebrates indigenous innovation. Made from 100% recycled plastic bags and commercial fishing nets, the Forest Cleanstone is refined to feel and behave like precious stones.

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The Orchid Child Care Centre

Instead of buying new classroom tables, The Orchid Child Care replaced the damaged and swollen MDF laminate table tops with Cleanstone, diverting waste from landfill and extending the life of old tables by now a lifetime.

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Auckland Art Gallery

Aimed to inspire through a connection to the whenua (land) and all its living creatures, Scott Parker designed this playful and beautifully crafted exhibition space using the 'Milky' and 'Kererū Cleanstone

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One NZ Queensgate Shopping Centre

Sustainability meeting high end retail: 100% ocean plastics and post consumer plastic packaging was transformed into custom 'Pounamu' Cleanstone for One NZ (formerly Vodafone) to use as a centrepiece leaner for their iconic retail store.


Kōkako Commercial Bay

Designed by CTRL SPACE, Kōkako's store in Auckland's downtown Commercial Bay is a celebration of the brand's commitment and practice of sustainability from supply to production to packaging.

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Torpedo 7 New Market

Turning 100% of Torpedo 7's own soft plastics, we converted 50,000 phased out single use bags into Cleanstone panels for retail fixtures, countertops and decorative panels for their New Market retail store.


Manurewa Highschool

Using nothing else but ocean plastics, construction waste and post consumer packaging, Manurewa Highschool used a series of custom colour Cleanstone to fitout their new reception space that told the whakapapa story of their school.

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Arup Head Office

Designed by Unispace, Global specialist engineering firm, Arup, whose portfolio includes the Sydney Opera House, and the iconic Gherkin in London, set out with a goal to create one of the most sustainable workplaces in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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MOTAT Switch Up Exhibition

MOTAT used Cleanstone to build a 6 month long installation that celebrated Aotearoa's sustainable innovations. The exhibition itself, became the example of the circular economy in practice.

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Transforming 100% of Westfield's own post consumer plastic waste they collected into Critical.'s Cleanstone, Westfield in turn made beautiful and durable solid surfaces for their shopping centre.

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Tax Management New Zealand

TMNZ and Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation have implemented the world's first fully circular and low carbon work booth for their head office made from Marble Cleanstone.

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