Beautiful, sustainable classrooms using 100% recycled plastic table tops.

Beautiful, sustainable classrooms using 100% recycled plastic table tops.
Manurewa High School's rollout of Critical. Cleanstone as replacement #classroom table tops is in full swing. And with the recent launch of their newly renovated science block #fitout they are proving that we can elegantly extend the life of Aotearoa's circa 165,000 school desks into generations beyond ours.

With most to all of our classroom table tops made in laminate MDF, wear and tear through everyday use can chip the veneer layer and strip the edge banding exposing the fibreboard underneath. When that happens, moisture and liquid can swell up the table causing mold to grow over time. As a result, the entire unit including the metal legs are discarded into landfill.

With Cleanstone being made from a solid block of 100% Aotearoa recycled plastics, it's durable, fully water proof and highly impact resistant. Made from discarded plastic waste from ocean plastics to commercial waste to post consumer plastic packaging(nothing else), there's no veneer layer or edging and it's simple to maintain. The surface can be re-sanded or buffed ever 7 years or as required. And at the end of a generation of use, Cleanstone desktops can be returned to us to be recycled into new Cleanstone, endlessly.

Manurewa Highschool replaced the laminate table tops with Cleanstone and screw fixed it onto existing desk frames they resprayed black. They selected a range Cleanstone mixes that included Forest, Marble, Kererū, Clear and a custom Pika mix to compliment the natural tones of their science block interior and the result is stunning.

With every table top embodying a unique story of sustainability, this science block fit out alone diverted over 1,500kgs of plastics from landfill. Ngā mihi nui Pete Jones for your incredible vision of sustainability and innovation as well as care and attention in listening to what matters to your ākonga and making it happen. We are thrilled to be a small part of your wonderful kaupapa.

Also shoutout to Furnware on your beautiful chairs. We've always been longtime fans and admirers of your wondering mahi and products. Matt Whyte this is the result of what we started together.

I will share more about the story behind each Cleanstone table top Manurewa Highschool selected shortly!

If you are a #principal looking to refit your kura or replace your classroom furniture, why not consider replacing your table tops with Cleanstone also? If you need some help, send me a DM or reach out to our team using the link below!
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