Ditch the Beige, Embrace Bold: Mastering Maximalism with Intention (and Sustainability)!

Ditch the Beige, Embrace Bold: Mastering Maximalism with Intention (and Sustainability)!
To my design whānau, if minimalism is tiring you out try maximalist. But how do you do it without it not feeling chaotic? I believe it's through: intentionality and sustainability.

Last week I reflected on 'maximalist' - imagine retail stores, hospitality spaces and workplaces where vibrant textures, bold patterns and stories told through recycled plastic panels meet meet eco-friendly practices.

But what does that look like in practice? I've gone and read through a few articles on 'how to Maximalist' and below are 4 principles:

Curate, don't accumulate: Choose statement pieces that tell a story. Quality over quantity.

Color psychology: Use colours strategically to create desired moods and avoid clashes.

Texture & pattern play: Layer textures for depth, but use patterns with shared elements that work together.

Balance is key: Let negative space breathe to avoid clutter and highlight your pieces.

And today's Cleanstone Sample | 021 - is our attempt at developing a look that may support this design movement. Requested by Rachel McPherson from Unispace for Meridian Energy's upcoming fit out - this custom Cleanstone made from 100% recycled soft plastics and nothing else. When looked up close, the unique tonal variation are the result of different coloured plastic bags, from solid white, to off white to gold soft plastics. Thanks for choosing Cleanstone Rachel, I can't want to see how your teams creative vision will come together once it's complete.

Pushing boundaries and story telling through design is human. I believe spatial design is in the midst of moving into a new era that is the coming together of bravery, design freedom, intentionality and sustainability. Pretty exciting time to be alive!

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