How to achieve a sexy Cleanstone edge finish.

How to achieve a sexy Cleanstone edge finish.
So how DO you achieve a sexy Cleanstone edge? Do you need specialist equipment to work with it? Nope. It's actually pretty easy. Here's how:

Certain Cleanstone after CNC or saw cutting, may leave a swarf where the edges may be matt white. To get a beautiful edge finish, simply

1. Scrape the excess off with a knife

2. Soften the sharp edge with an edge knife tool or a pencil router, which ever edge finish you prefer.

3. And lightly flame the edge to transform the matt white finish so that it's crystal clear.

And that's pretty much it. All this happens in just under a minute.

As it's a solid block of recycled plastic, there's no need for tedious edge banding, sanding and sealing/painting. There is no surface or edge veneer that chips off over time. No risk moisture or water damage. It's just a solid block all the way through.

Drive your truck over it, see what happens. Try and crack it with a hammer too.

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