Urban Densification: Design for Small Spaces, Dream Big Impact!

Urban Densification: Design for Small Spaces, Dream Big Impact!
As cities densify and the cost of living rises, our once beloved quarter acre dream is fading into distant memory. The movement for designing for small spaces is booming.

United Nations predicts a 68% urban population growth by 2050 and keyword searches that include 'small spaces' and 'micro living' are up by 73%. Designs that make efficient use of spaces is no longer a niche.

But why does this matter?

Density is the new reality. Smaller footprints help create livable, sustainable urban environments and less space often means less material use, reducing our environmental footprint. Limitation also breeds creativity, having boundaries unlock creativity in compact spaces, delivering more memorable experiences.

So how do you make it happen on your next projects? Here are 3 pro tips to conquer small space design:

Make everything multi-functional: Make furniture that does double duty, like ottomans with storage or expandable tables - like this beautiful shelf divider by Architecture Van Brandenburg made using our Marble Cleanstone from 100% recycled milk bottles, lids and soft plastics.

Go Vertical: Utilise walls for shelving, cabinets, even vertical gardens for a natural touch.

Make every wasted space, storage space: Built-in solutions, retractable shelves, hidden compartments – maximise every millimetre.

Bonus Tip: Choose sustainable materials. Choose recycled plastic panels like Cleanstone for stylish, eco-friendly outcomes that also will last a lifetime.

I'd love to see examples of projects you've been a part of that had to be very space efficient. What design features did you realise to make it happen? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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