Critical. is proud to support Auckland Design Week!

Critical. is proud to support Auckland Design Week!
Great design is often taken for granted but we instinctively notice it when it's not there, don't we?
Think about that memorable restaurant experience, to the car you use to commute everyday into the office you work in. Designers put in the work to think about every level of detail from light to form, to materials and to how every element comes together... even to how you might feel experiencing it all.
Which is why when Urbis Design Day ended a few years back, it was a huge loss for the design community in Tāmaki Makaurau. But over the last year or so, Jen Jones have been putting in the incredible mahi and the hustle to bring back for the #design community Auckland Design Week. Happening 10-16th of March. And it's already sounding like a sold out event!!
Check it out. It is the MAIN EVENT to celebrate local design talent here at home. It's already huge and will be even huge-er in the years to come. And Critical. is thrilled to be a part of supporting this incredible kaupapa with Cleanstone as well as be speaking alongside a panel on the 11th of March at 10am in Warren and Mahoney Auckland office.
Also thank you to The Post/ Sunday Mag for this lovely interview and write up. We're honoured to be featured alongside such epic talents. Check it out using the link below!
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