Critical. Overwhelmed with Love (and Orders!): A Message of Gratitude & Growth

Critical. Overwhelmed with Love (and Orders!): A Message of Gratitude & Growth

To all the designers and brands that's been putting Critical. Cleanstone into your projects, thank you. We're currently experiencing so much demand for our products that our team is working 7 days a week!

Bare with us whānau as I know our lead times are long at the moment, but our engineers are working incredibly hard in the background to improve our technology to shorten lead times.

🙏 I'm incredibly grateful to our customers - the current generation of businesses and designers who care so deeply about climate change and plastics pollution. While we only have less than 9 years to scale kaitikitanga before irreversible damage to te taiao, I'm deeply optimistic that we can reach out targets and reach the future where our mokopuna will be proud of us.

💕 I'm grateful that our products are resonating with people who want them and achieving product-market fit. Critical.'s starting hypothesis is while sustainability and circularity are important, we have to first and foremost make great products that solve a real problem. We still have far to go but really proud of the progress and traction we've made to date.

💪 I'm grateful for incredible team of high performers and the culture we're building here at Critical. Most days I don't feel like the founder, but that we have a team of co-founders regardless of the role they fill here. My multitalented team cares deeply about solving problems and making great products and go above and beyond, daily. 7 days a week. No words, just that wowee. 💨

👨‍👩‍👦 And I'm grateful to my whānau and kids. My wife works on Sundays so this Sunday I brought my kids with me into work. Makes it less lonely as I juggle the most important job of my life of being a dad before being a co-founder. I try to take 2 breaks with my kids and take them to the nearby playground the break up the day. Next Sunday I'm gonna put them to work in the factory... 😆😅

For you it might also be a incredibly busy period doing the mahi, but remember to take time to smell the roses.

Do the mahi, get the treats.

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