Designers have enough to worry about and sustainability should be simple

Designers have enough to worry about and sustainability should be simple

I have a lot of empathy for my design and architect mates who put together interiors and architecture. It can often be a highly sophisticated and highly technical exercise, putting together pages after pages of details and blueprints.

Not to mention aligning the requirements of their clients with a creative vision to complete a cohesive experience that ultimately works for the people who use it!

And then there's sustainability. Designers today have to think about the future impacts their projects have on te taiao and the future generations who will live long past us. There's a lot that needs to come together!

Sustainable building materials needs to be ... simple. There's plenty already for designers to think about on any given project and building product manufacturers should make it easy for designers to do more sustainable projects.

With Cleanstone, we're trying to keep it simple. Like today's Cleanstone Sample 019.

Q. What is it made of?

A. 100% recycled soft plastic bags destine for landfill.

Q. Are there any harsh chemicals or additives like resins to bond it together?

A. Nope. Just 100% recycled soft plastics.

Q. How does it impact climate change?

A. A Cleanstone panel that's 12mm thick 1200mm by 2400mm panel emits circa 225grams of carbon (pending verification) during production. To put that into perspective. A similar panel made from virgin plastics like acylic will emit circa 56,700grams.

Q. What happens at the end of life?

A. Cleanstone is designed to last a lifetime when properly maintained but send it back to us including project offcuts and chips and we'll recycle into new Cleanstone over and over again.


Even this colour mix is ... simple.

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