From plastic bags and fishing nets into retail counters

From plastic bags and fishing nets into retail counters
Sneak peak of the reception counter made fully using Critical.'s new Forest Cleanstone for Konei's flagship retail store. Designed and made by Jared Diprose and Your Space.

It's a joinery unit made from just the Forest Cleanstone and nothing else. This means it's 100% recycled soft plastics and commercial fishing nets and come with the following perks:

💪 It's tough and will last a lifetime. No veneers, no MDF, high impact resistance and easy to maintain. Just polish it back up every 10 years. No rotting or swelling if there ever was another flood - (Manawa Udy you might loose everything else in Ngahere Communities but I will guarantee this counter will be sweet 😂 )

🔦 🌈 It's translucent - so have fun playing with different back lighting effects!

♻ It's fully circular. Made from plastic waste to never again become plastic waste. No glues which means all components can be disassembled at the end of life to be turned into new Cleanstone - endlessly. (Shot Jared!)

🌿 Low Carbon. The Cleanstone panels used for this counter emitted circa 0.54kg of carbon. In comparison, if a standard acrylic equivalent was used, the emissions would equate to 306kg of carbon! (Our verification is in progress.)

☁ And we're working towards carbon neutrality / carbon positive in the coming year.

📐 For all the carpenters out there, it's cut on traditional power tools, screw fixed and the outer coverings had a featured mitred edge.

Short video coming up!
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