How materials can make sustainability tangible for your customers.

How materials can make sustainability tangible for your customers.
Materials can help tell a great story in any brand's journey towards circularity. Especially when it's made from their own materials destined for landfill.

'Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, allow me to participate and I'll understand.' When brands can tangibly show their commitment towards sustainability by allowing their customers to touch and feel the materials during their visit to a retail store, this experience makes it sticky.

Just like today's Cleanstone Sample 003: Torpedo7 Group Ltd's mix made using 100% of their phased out multi use retail bags back in 2019.

Here are some tips on how as a brand you can make your sustainability shift tangible to your customers:

1. Utilise brand colours in the material, literally. Set aside your plastic waste to be mixed into Cleanstone and use it across the space. Whether it's through accent walls, furniture, or decor, infusing brand hues can create an instant sense of alignment.

2. Choose other materials that mirror the brand's values. Sustainable choices can resonate with eco-conscious brands, while luxe textures can embody elegance and sophistication.

Elevate your designs by making them a living embodiment of your brand identities. Explore the exciting possibilities and discover how can be your partner in achieving these transformative outcomes.
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