How to build companies to last for over 100 years

How to build companies to last for over 100 years
Aspect Furniture is truly an inspirational Aotearoa company punching above their weight on the global stage and I’m still buzzing from the time I got to spend with their team in Melbourne last weekend.

One thing I’ve noticed that’s left a lasting impression on me about Aspect is their principles and values driven approach in making great products and in doing business. While already an inter-generational company with decades of experience, below are 4 behaviours I will be taking lessons from them as I believe they are guiding principles for any company looking to exist for the next 100 years:

1. They obsess over their customers and build great products and solutions that solve human pain points. Their furniture products sweat the details on how their users experience it.

2. They focus on quality products that last and are made locally. The pandemic have taught us local is important.

3. They take an inter-generational to how they design their products from use to end of life and take inspiration from materials and sustainability early in the design process.

4. They embrace change and act fast, turning challenges into opportunities. New climate and waste management policies are not problems for businesses but the drivers for the next trillion dollar economy.

I will be applying these lessons as Critical. Steps into our growth phase and maybe these tips could help whatever your building too.

If you are working on something cool yourself send me a DM and I’d love to learn and trade lessons with fellow founders!

Looking forward to continuing our colab together with the whānau at Aspect Furniture - check out what they did with Cleanstone in the video below!!
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