Sustainability is the beating heart of today's retail experience.

Sustainability is the beating heart of today's retail experience.
Sustainability isn't just a buzzword, it's the beating heart of today's retail experience.

Which is why we partnered with Scentre Group (Owner of Westfield destinations in Aus and NZ) to set the direction for the future of retail store fit outs. One that moves the needle towards zero waste, low carbon and full circularity for its building materials.

Over the last 6 months Westfield Manukau have piloted a programme to collect post consumer plastic packaging from its shopping centre to be turned into beautiful and durable Cleanstone table tops to fit out their foodcourt. They collected over 2,000 kgs and the installation of over 100 table tops are currently underway. Here a sneak peek of what some of them looks like.

Westfield is rewriting the narrative of retail spaces. They understand that customers today are demanding retail experiences that aligns with their values and fosters a connection to te taiao. The future of retail is one that blur the lines between nature and commerce, fostering a sense of community and a care for our whenua.

And as I have the privilege do mahi in this space, over and over again I come across designers, architects and decision makers adopt the following 2x principals:

1. Embrace material innovation: retail pioneers embrace recycled materials, bio-engineered materials, and upcycled waste streams to create unique and sustainable design elements that are both beautiful and durable.

2. Modularity: I've seen to often my design mates create furniture and displays that can be easily reconfigured and repurposed, minimising material consumption while adapting to changing retail needs.

The future of retail is sustainable.

I run a green building materials company called Critical. and we enable designers and brands to create beautiful and sustainable spaces with Cleanstone, our range of 100% recycled plastic panels. If your working on a sustainable project, send me a DM or visit our website

Let's design spaces that not only sell products, but also care for our natural world.
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