The Future of Hospitality Spaces is made from 100% recycled plastics.

The Future of Hospitality Spaces is made from 100% recycled plastics.

Hospitality guests are increasingly seeking experiences that align with their values and sustainability is becoming a driving force shaping the future of hotels and restaurants.

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I visited Gerrick Numan from Millé to learn about their customer centred approach to design in order to deliver exciting hospitality interiors that simply works for entrepreneurs.

Here are 3 design principles I picked up when speaking to their team:

1. Craft a Narrative: Every hospo interior have a story that can be told through materials.

2. Design for Multi-Functionality: Create spaces that can be easily adapted for different uses, maximising space utilisation and minimising the need for future renovations.

3. Design is done well when it is in the service of your clients. Through my kōrero with Gerrick and his team, I picked up how much he cared for his clients. As a result of, Millē's work simply works for his clients that are often pushing a new entrepreneurial venture.

Really enjoyed our time getting to know you guys better and looking I'm forward to doing some cool mahi together e hoa mā.

Checkout Mille's mahi here:

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