84% of Aussie Plastics Buried! Critical. & Revert Group Offer a Beautiful Solution ♻️

84% of Aussie Plastics Buried! Critical. & Revert Group Offer a Beautiful Solution ♻️
Through mainstream recycling, NZ and Australia recycle only 2-3 out of 24 plastics types. Approximately 84% of Australian plastics end up in landfill and NZ sends up to 330T of plastics into our whenua, every year.

One of the challenges as to why this is happening is because of the technology available that can make use of mixed and contaminated plastics, not just the 1's, 2's and 5's.

Since the start of this year Critical., in partnership with Paul Rosenberg Vella at REVERT GROUP, have been doing a lot of materials R&D to transform hard to recycled plastics like Polycarbonate and ABS and rubber contaminated plastics into Cleanstone, and the results are ... beautiful. Check it out.

And with Australia's ban on building materials (with NZ to follow) with toxic ingredients like Silica, we're working together to bring better choices and better selections of building materials for designers. One that will reduce waste to landfill for the construction industry while lowering the carbon emissions.

The impact? Imagine stunning, high-performance recycled plastic panels called Cleanstone made from materials previously destined for landfill. This translates to:

More Sustainable Fit-Out Options: Designers gain access to a wider range of beautiful, environmentally responsible materials for retail, hospitality, and commercial projects.

Reduced Reliance on Virgin Plastics: This collaboration significantly contributes to the circular economy by keeping valuable resources in use.

Future-Proofing Your Designs: Embrace the growing demand for sustainable solutions and meet client expectations for eco-conscious spaces.

Here's how you can start designing with sustainability in mind:

1. Plan for Deconstruction at Day One: Consider how your design facilitates the disassembly and reuse of materials at the end of a project's lifecycle.

2. Embrace Transparency: Ask your suppliers about the origin and recyclability of materials. Choose those with high recycled content.

3. Design for Longevity: Opt for durable, high-quality materials like recycled plastic panels from reputable sources.

If your working on a sustainable fit out in Australia, Revert Group can help provide a fully circular pathway for construction waste to be turned into beautiful materials like Cleanstone so you can leave a legacy that will make your grandchildren proud.

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