Building a Better Future: Circular Economy Solutions for Design & Construction

Building a Better Future: Circular Economy Solutions for Design & Construction

As the world accelerates towards healthy, silica free building materials Unispace and Fusion5 are demonstrating the incredible design possibilities better materials like Critical. Cleanstone can help make trendy.

Which is why I'd love to celebrate Fusion5's elegant new office fit out at 88 Shortland St. Designed by the talented team at Unispace, Cleanstone was paired with natural and light material finishes as the commercial benchtop. Unispace specified a custom Marble Cleanstone with red and black accents for the main staff recreation space and the Piha Cleanstone for the downstairs kitchenette. And the results are stunning.

Made from 100% recycled plastics including post consumer plastics as well as construction waste, these benchtops helped to divert over

24,000 pieces of plastic packaging out of landfill

As well as helping to avoid approximately 1,600kgs of carbon emissions.

And no Cleanstone will ever end up in landfill. While you can resand and polish these up to last a lifetime, if your lease ends, send Cleanstone benchtops back to us and we'll turn it into new Cleanstone, forever.

Ka mau te wehi Kristy Brown and Unispace whānau!

As construction and demolition waste account for a significant portion of global landfill waste, I remain optimistic and excited about a creating a future where:

1. Waste becomes a resource: Discarded plastics and other materials are transformed into beautiful, high-performance recycled plastic panels for stunning fit-out projects in retail, hospitality, and commercial spaces.

2. Design is synonymous for sustainability: the next generation of designers have access to a wider range of sustainable materials that not only minimise environmental impact but also push the boundaries of design.

3. Materials better for the planet is also better for business: Confidently meet client expectations for eco-conscious spaces, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Appreciate the opportunity whānau to be a part of another wonderful fit out that is setting the standard for the kind of future we can be proud of.

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