Arrdia Kowhai's Cleanstone Review: Kitchen Make-over with a Collision of Functionality, Sustainability and Beauty.

Arrdia Kowhai's Cleanstone Review: Kitchen Make-over with a Collision of Functionality, Sustainability and Beauty.
Ngā mihi nui Arrdia Kowhai for taking the time to write this honest review of your experience using Cleanstone in your recent kitchen renovation. I love it. Here's her full story:

"Not long after moving into my 1984 kiwi classic home, it became apparent that the kitchen needed a make-over. I wanted something with a difference, that would add an element of sustainability to the materials, and look fantastic.

Luckily, and wonderfully, I found Critical. The colour of the Kereru Panels go wonderfully with my chosen decor shades and hues of sea foam teals, blues and greens. The Clear Cleanstone panels provide light and a perception of texture.

I chose the Kererū for the back panel of the Island, which is the view from the lounge and dining, and also used it for the lower appliance bench and shelving. I used the Clear Cleanstone for one tall panel, a pair of sliding doors and the top pantry shelving. Both meet the functionality and beauty I was looking for, while the sustainability of the product is the icing on the cake.

When the panels arrived there were a few concerns.

Firstly, the flexing and bowing that was occuring. We carefully stacked them with plenty of support, both before and after cutting, to reduce this before they were fit into place. The shelves are mounted on metal brackets and once the items are placed on them, there is no sign of misshaping or bowing. With good mounting (small strong corner brackets and screws) the side panel and back panel are maintaining a straight, flat line while the sliding doors are hanging beautifully. They are light and flow well on the top track mount.

The other concern was getting the panels cut to size. Thankfully, a local cabinet maker with a large industrial table saw did the job. Cutting this unknown product also had it’s issues though, as the heat build up of the saw after cutting a panel caused some melting and shredding on the next cut. This slowed the process and was frustrating for the operator, but when it became apparent, he factored this in and paused between cuts and cleaned the blade disc.

The Kereru Cleanstone cut a smooth edge and didn't need further finishing. The Clear Cleanstone panels had a rough edge when cut and needed sanding. A palm sander fit the bill, leaving a smooth, beveled edge and slightly rounded corners.

Would I use Cleanstone again? Definitely YES! It’s sustainable (if the day ever came when you don’t want it any more - they take it back, shred it down and make it all again!) beautiful, affordable and if you like the edge of difference, while being sustainable, this is the product.

It is not flawless in finish; it isn’t uniform and it might not always conform. It is as individual as anything in nature – while saving nature from the harm of plastic waste. A balance of perfect imperfection. One day we might be able to run the world without plastics and Critical. will be no more, but until then, make the most of this beautiful product."

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