Big News for Sustainable Design! Critical. Earns Ecolabel Certification

Big News for Sustainable Design! Critical. Earns Ecolabel Certification

I'm incredibly proud to announce that Critical. have secured our Ecolabel certification with Eco Choice Aotearoa for our entire range of Cleanstone panels. (

Ecolabels cut through misleading environmental claims, helping designers make informed and better choices. Eco Choice Aotearoa (government verified) endorse products that have been made in a sustainable way, by companies with a high standard of social responsibility, using environmentally preferable components and materials.

So how does this impact you as a designer?

💪 Get maximum Green Star points for your next fit out using Cleanstone (Green Star is a widely recognised sustainability benchmark in construction). Eco Choice Aotearoa is recognised as a Level A certification by NZGBC and Green Building Council of Australia, and qualifies for maximum materials credits. For Green Star projects gain 3 credits when using Critical. Cleanstone. More on this in detail in upcoming posts.

🍎 Ecolabel Simplifies Green Building: Ecolabelled products like Cleanstone streamline the path to Green Star certification for the New Zealand Green Building Council and Green Building Council Australia's rating system. This saves you time and resources during the design and approval process.

🌿 Confidence in Sustainability: Critical. is officially verified to be great for the planet. No green washing. The Ecolabel signifies a rigorous assessment of Cleanstone's environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. This provides you, the designer, and your clients with greater confidence in specifying a truly sustainable material.

And how does specifying ecolabelled products like Cleanstone benefit you as a designer and your clients?

🌟 Enhanced Project Credibility: By incorporating Ecolabelled Cleanstone panels into your fit-outs (retail, hospitality, commercial and public sector, etc.), you demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and compliance to sustainability requirements, both are major selling points.

🤖 Future-Proofing Your Designs: Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the building industry. Specifying Ecolabelled materials supports your efforts in becoming a market leader in environmentally responsible design.

If your working on a Green Star project, I'd love to help. Send me a DM or reach out on! If you are a sustainable design geek, sharing this post would help us a lot.

Thank you to Rikki Stancich and your team at Deloitte for the Lifecycle Analysis mahi. Game changer. Tonkin + Taylor and Keeli Gregory, Stella Hye Chung Jeon and Laura Gemmell for the wonderfully meticulous assessment process. Ngā mihi nui WARREN AND MAHONEY and Unispace whānau for your guidance and feedback. And Sarah Rewa-Morgan, my talented operations manager who brought this together.

Ngā mihi nui mahana to all our investors for believing and backing us. And you our community for following our journey!

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