Strength in Collaboration: Celebrating Sustainable Design with Impact

Strength in Collaboration: Celebrating Sustainable Design with Impact
Businesses prioritising social and environmental impact outperform competitors (McKinsey & Company, 2022). Collaboration and purpose-driven design can help create beautiful and sustainable products that resonate with a wider audience.

Here's how kaupapa Māori designer Te Ari Prendergast from WARREN AND MAHONEY, Anson Kong from Spacebar Design and myself at Critical. is doing it in Spacebar's new innovative of modular cabinet:

💨 Healing and unison: Te Ari's design is the coming together of a rauponga and 'Takirau' patterns. The rauponga pattern (lower) made up of haehae lines and pakati notches references the healing of the land through the layering of ferns while the 'Takirau' (upper) pattern is designed to symbolise 'linking' together in unison.

Ka mau te wehi bro! I'm guttered we didn't get to have a photo with all 3 of us. Next time e hoa.

♻ Sustainable materials: Critical.'s Forest Cleanstone made using 100% recycled soft plastics and fishing nets references Aotearoa's ngahere, our forests that are also taonga (our treasures) as it sustains us. And like our living forests it's regenerative by cleaning up our land of plastics, lasts for generations and every bit of it is recyclable at the end of life so nothing is wasted.

👌 Modular and reusable furniture system: Spacebar's innovation ensures the cabinet can be easily adapted and repurposed, minimising waste while aligning with circular economy principles. I can't get enough of the clever clip on system. So good.

Coming back to Te Ari's design, my interpretation of his art is that the healing of our whenua and kotahitanga (working as one) must go hand in hand. And this looks like collaborating with others who share the same values.

If you would like to colab with myself, Spacebar and/or Te Ari, hit us up by sending us a DM!

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