Decoding Customer Preferences: What Drives Fit-Out Choices in 2024?

Decoding Customer Preferences: What Drives Fit-Out Choices in 2024?

For designers and brands, understanding our clients' priorities is key to winning projects. Here's what today's businesses are looking for in their retail, hospitality, and commercial fit-outs:

Sustainability is a must-have: With 1 in 4 New Zealanders willing to pay more for sustainable products (EY's latest Future Consumer Index), this translates to the continuing shift in customer demand for sustainable materials like Cleanstone in construction and fit outs. 

Experience over square meterage: A Harvard Business Review study in 2020 shows that customers crave immersive experiences. Fit-outs today need to create a sense of place and tell a brand story. Consider diving into storytelling and social and environmental impact initiatives to truly connect with customers and the things they care about.

Durability with long-term Value: While a fit out can last between 5-7 years, businesses invest in fit-outs for the long haul. High-quality, durable materials  and modular furniture systems maximize return on investment (ROI). According to Dodge Data & Analytics 2022, green building projects demonstrate higher occupancy rates and rental premiums, further boosting value.

And I really enjoyed seeing Aspect Furniture's 'Atlas' system with Critical.'s 'Milky' Cleanstone surface being used this way at VidaSpace's Christmas party last year. Seeing one of Aotearoa's largest commercial furniture companies with another one of Aotearoa's leading brand for natural and durable interior finishes embrace sustainability in this way makes me really optimistic about our future.

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