Breathe New Life into Your Home: Unveiling the Beauty & Durability of Cleanstone

Breathe New Life into Your Home: Unveiling the Beauty & Durability of Cleanstone

The average kitchen renovation typically send to landfill an average of 225kgs of waste and in Aotearoa over 11,400 residential kitchens are renovated every year. Durable and beautiful surfaces often clash with eco-conscious choices.

And as homeowners and designers the process of reimagining our next kitchen reno shouldn't compromise on aesthetics, longevity, and sustainability.

Which is one of the reasons why I love this little residential kitchen renovation. The owner re-fitted their kitchen with new kit-set joinery using Critical. Cleanstone (made from 100% recycled plastics) as benchtops, shelving, vertical coverings and sliding doors. The feature here being a translucent sliding door that utilise our translucent Clear Cleanstone to cover a new pantry which will be backlit. Here are some work-in-progress images.

She had a teal and neutral colour palette in her whare so she chose a subtle variation of our Clear Cleanstone (made from 100% recycled soft plastics) for the sliding doors and shelving and the Kererū Cleanstone to reference her existing colours.

Ātaahua! I like this one for its subtly.

Traditional renovation materials can often be resource-intensive, short-lived, and contribute to our growing landfill problem. Cleanstone is different and shatters these limitations. Imagine:

🤩 Breathtaking aesthetics: Sleek, modern finishes in a spectrum of colors and textures, elevating any space from kitchen counters to retail fit-outs.

💪 Unmatched durability: A solid block of 100% recycled plastics all the way through means it's stain proof, almost bullet proof and water-proof. Cleanstone outlasts traditional materials and easy to maintain, minimising replacements with zero waste.

🌿 No waste, ever: Crafted from 100% recycled plastic, Cleanstone breathes new life into discarded materials, contributing to a circular economy. All offcuts and end of life panels can be sent back to us to be made into new Cleanstone endlessly. Best part yet is that Cleanstone emits approximately 0.35% of the carbon a traditional acrylic panel emits!

Here are 2 learnings from this project that might help you to get started on your next renovation project:

⛅ Combine accents with natural elements: Counter Cleanstone's sleekness with neutral tones, warm wood accents or greenery for a balanced and inviting experience.

📦 Think beyond the obvious: From bathroom walls to facades, Cleanstone's versatility opens a world of design possibilities.

Cleanstone is more than just a material, it's a statement. It's a commitment to responsible design, lasting beauty, and a future where sustainability doesn't compromise on aesthetics.

Thinking about your next whare renovation? I'd love to hear about what your ideal kitchen reno looks like in the comments below!


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