Ditch the Dust, Embrace Sustainable Beauty: Alternatives to Granite Benchtops

Ditch the Dust, Embrace Sustainable Beauty: Alternatives to Granite Benchtops
Over the last few years it was made
known that silica dust from granite and certain
engineered stone is akin to asbestos.

1 in 4 stone countertop fabricators develop silicosis, a
debilitating lung disease caused by silica dust. (CDC)

As of July 2024, a complete ban on the use, supply,
and manufacture of engineered stone for benchtops
will be in effect in most Australian jurisdictions. This
decision was driven by the high number of silicosis
cases among workers in the engineered stone industry.

Granite mining and processing pollutes water sources
and emits harmful greenhouse gases.

As a designer, that's devastating news! Stone and
engineered stone have been the bread and butter for
interior finishes for a long time. In any fit our project,
designers have to bring together a lot of complex
elements and there are a lot of decisions to make.
Choosing materials that align to support that design
vision should be easy.

Which is one of the reasons why Critical. exist. Made
from 100% recycled plastics, our Cleanstone panels
are made from everyday packaging and commercial
plastic waste, nothing else. Both beautiful and durable,
you can design the look and feel of Cleanstone to suit
your creative vision while rest assured that it will last
decades to a lifetime.


And we're proud to be part of the next wave of circular
material innovation. A new world of beautiful,
eco-conscious material options is just around the
corner like:

Recycled glass surfaces: ✨ Sleek, shimmering, and
infinitely recyclable, recycled glass offers stunning
aesthetics and aligns with the circular economy.
Imagine captivating countertops made from upcycled
beverage bottles!

Bamboo: Naturally fast-growing and durable, bamboo
offers a warm, earthy elegance, perfect for creating
serene spa-like spaces. Its antimicrobial properties are
a bonus for hygiene-conscious environments.

Quartz: Not all quartz is created equal. Choose from
responsibly sourced and manufactured options that
prioritise worker safety and minimise environmental

Let's choose materials to make spaces that are as kind
to people as they are to our planet.
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