Exhibitions Reimagined: Sustainable, Adaptable, and Endlessly Yours

Exhibitions Reimagined: Sustainable, Adaptable, and Endlessly Yours
Today's event companies are shifting their product focus toward #sustainability, #flexibility, and #durability. #ecofriendly materials, #modular designs, and easy setup/breakdown are key, alongside digital integration and contemporary aesthetics. Through #collaborations with #sustainable suppliers they solidify their commitment to attract eco-conscious customers while shaping a greener future for the industry.
This afternoon Anson from @Spacebardesign_nz demonstrated their ingenious circular and modular furniture system that feature a clever clip on/clip off system to Dane (from @exhibitionhireservices_nz) and myself. CHECK IT OUT!! The best part was hearing that satisfying 'click' as our Cleanstone panels effortlessly attaches on and off as swappable face panels with nothing but a gentle fist bump! Ka mau te wehi!!! This product is the coming together of thoughtful design, reusability, flexibility and sustainability - address the modern and future trends that are happening for the events space.
The demand for #exhibitions that prioritise #circularity is soaring. 80% of event attendees now expect organisers to be eco-conscious (Eventbrite, 2023). Spacebar Design's inventive clip-on system ticks all the boxes: reusability and maximum adaptability combined with Critical. Cleanstone's beautiful aesthetics that last a lifetime, whilst made from 100% recycled plastics and low carbon. At the end of life, every component is 100% recyclable.
And I can't get enough of the reusability and flexibility features. Imagine easily swapping panels to create new layouts, update branding, and adapt to different spaces – all without generating waste or purchasing new furniture. Plus, Critical. Cleanstone's durability ensures countless reuses, minimising environmental impact and maximising your investment.
Anson and Dane - looking forward to seeing where this collaboration will take us. Let's together bend the future towards cool products that care for te taiao!
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