Demolition Done Right: Redefining Construction with Critical & Revert Group

Demolition Done Right: Redefining Construction with Critical & Revert Group
Demolition doesn't have to mean destruction, but transformation. This is the future Critical is excited to build. Which is why I'm thrilled to announce that we have partnered with our Australian cuzzies; REVERT GROUP, pioneers in sustainable recycling within the commercial fit out and refurbishment sector.
And I'm excited because this marks the first step towards our Australian expansion.

The construction industry generates a staggering 2.3 billion tons of waste annually, with demolition contributing significantly to this burden. But there's already a better way. Sustainable pathways, through Revert Group's expertise, involves meticulous technical deconstruction, dismantling and salvaging valuable materials to create "second-life" materials for new projects, uplifting the circular economy.

And at Critical. we fully embrace their revolutionary approach. As a growing clean technology company making circular materials from 100% recycled plastics, this partnership enables us to accelerate sustainable, circular and low carbon materials like Cleanstone to more people, faster.

Here are 4 ways you might consider sustainable construction into your next project:

1. Build end of life into your fit out projects at the design stage. Consult with partners like Revert Group during conceptual design to explore endless opportunities for sustainable deconstruction and material alternatives.

2. Deconstruct, don't demolish: Opt for sustainable demolition practices whenever possible. Partner with companies like Revert Group to salvage and reuse materials, minimising waste and environmental impact.

3.Embrace "second-life" materials: Integrate reclaimed wood, brick, or steel or plastics into your projects. This adds character, reduces reliance on virgin resources, and aligns with the circular economy.

4. Choose sustainable alternatives: Explore innovative materials like recycled plastic panels like Cleanstone. They offer durability, style, and a lower environmental footprint compared to traditional options.

Ngā mihi nui Paul Rosenberg Vella for all the time we got to spend together. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about your Spanish / Maltese & Australian whakapapa, your personal values and in many ways how I see myself and my own culture in yours. This partnership felt like the right thing to do and so often when our values align, commercial partnership happens like butter. #kotahitanga

Looking forward to moving the needle together towards a future where material pathways via demolition and trade waste management becomes a catalyst for resourcefulness, creativity, and a more sustainable and resilient built environment.

Watch this space whānau. Share your thoughts and questions about what sustainable pathway deconstruction has been for our projects, in the comments below!
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