Architects & Designers: Get Ready for the Sustainability Wave Headed to NZ! 🇳🇿

Architects & Designers: Get Ready for the Sustainability Wave Headed to NZ! 🇳🇿
The global architecture and design scene is buzzing with revolutionary sustainability standards that will affect Aotearoa in the very near future. Are we prepared to ride this wave?
With the construction industry responsible for over 38% of global waste. (World Bank) - new sustainability standards couldn't arrive sooner.
New standards and regulations will bring about new opportunities and the circular economy, with its focus on recycled materials and product lifecycles, is taking over.
Here are 3 emerging standards soon to impact Aotearoa projects if not already heavily impacting decisions today:
1. Embodied Carbon: Buildings contribute significantly to carbon emissions. New regulations like the EU Construction Products Regulation may lead to mandatory declarations of embodied carbon in construction products, influencing material choices in NZ.
2. Nature-Based Design: Singapore's "City in Nature" vision showcases the power of integrating greenery into urban spaces. Expect to see more focus on biophilic design in Aotearoa, promoting well-being and resilience.
3. Social Equity: The WELL Building Standard prioritises occupant health and community benefits. Similar initiatives could emerge in NZ, prompting design that considers social impact alongside aesthetics.
Ready to embrace this future? I drone on about this but applying these 3x principles into your next project will help give you a head-start!
🎛 Embrace modularity: Choose furniture and elements that can be easily adapted or updated, minimising waste and extending their lifespan.
💚 Think beyond the surface: Consider innovative, sustainable materials like recycled plastic panels for fit-outs or retail spaces. They offer durability, style, and alignment with the circular economy.
👊 Partner with green providers: Connect with suppliers who offer sustainable materials and services, supporting your community and minimising your carbon footprint.
Embrace the coming sustainability standards before they are here and be a leader in creating impactful, future-proof spaces and communities. I'd love to hear your stories of sustainable design success and challenges in the comments below!
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