Dare to Defy Beige: Unleash Bold Color with Sustainable Impact in 2024

Dare to Defy Beige: Unleash Bold Color with Sustainable Impact in 2024
The white-on-beige era of spaces has faded and bold colours are in. A recent survey reveals 78% of designers are seeking bolder colour options for 2024, but 52% struggle to find sustainable solutions. So how might designers embrace this trend while staying true to your commitment to look after our whenua?

Critical. Cleanstone can be your game-changer for brave interiors. These 100% recycled plastic panels come in a vibrant palette that help ignites creativity, all while diverting plastics to landfill and reducing carbon emission that enable designers to:

Paint with Plastic: Design captivating walls, eye-catching displays, and even statement furniture with Cleanstone's customizable colors and textures. It's lightweight, durable, and effortlessly bold.

Embrace the Circular Economy: Breathe new life into existing structures by cladding walls, resurfacing countertops, or crafting custom accents with Cleanstone. Its modularity and reusability minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Unleash Creative Collaborations: Partner with local artists or emerging designers to create unique Cleanstone installations that reflect your brand's personality and amplify the impact of your bold colour choices.

Since the start of 2024, I've had a few kōrero with some of my design mates asking them how they are plan to use Cleanstone this year to bridge the bold colours and sustainability gap and below are their reflections you could consider into your next project:

1. Start with smaller accents like unique lampshades, kitchen coverings, or even custom-cut Cleanstone coasters to introduce bold colours without overwhelming the space.

2. Cladding an entire wall in a vibrant Cleanstone mix to create a focal point, define zones, and can help add contrast.

3. Upcycle and retrofit existing furniture with vibrant Cleanstone panels. Transform a tired dresser into a statement piece with coverings or reimagine a vintage table into a conversation starter.

4. Layer different textures and patterns using Cleanstone and other sustainable natural materials with varying finishes and colours to create a multi-dimensional experience.

By applying some of this wisdom into your next project, you can too embrace the bold colour movement without compromising on sustainability.

For some project inspiration, you can find a handful of examples here: https://criticaldesign.nz/pages/our-projects
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