Forget Less is More. More is More!

Forget Less is More. More is More!
I still remember looking through my very first kaleidoscope and feeling the excitement of getting lost in colours and patterns. But when I studied design I was taught 'Less-Is-More'.

But today's designers are now leaning into 'More-is-More'. It's an actual movement that is gaining momentum called 'Refined Maximalism' ( It's a celebration of bold and audacious design that shape unforgettable experiences.

But Maximalism doesn't mean chaos. It's more like curated layers, purposeful combinations, and a touch of sustainability. Imagine mesmerizing retail spaces that captivate customers with vibrant textures and eco-conscious materials like recycled plastic panels. Envision hospitality environments that tell stories through bold patterns and sustainable design practices, aligning with the circular economy.

And we're seeing this happening here in Aotearoa. Like our current collaboration with Designwell who specified these colourful Cleanstone panels for an upcoming fit out - all made from 100% recycled plastics from post consumer packaging to commercial fishing nets. Alexander Wastney - can't wait to see the final result bro! Will let you guys do the reveal and tell the wondering story behind your design intent as it is pretty cool.

So how might you embrace the maximalist movement? Here are 4 tips that might help get your started:

Tell a story: Use a variety of textures, patterns, and colors to create a cohesive narrative that reflects your brand or client's vision.

Embrace sustainable luxury: Opt for recycled plastic panels, reclaimed wood, or other eco-friendly materials that add depth and texture while minimizing environmental impact.

Play with scale and proportion: Juxtapose oversized elements with delicate details to create visual interest and a sense of dynamic tension.

Focus on balance: While embracing abundance, ensure there's a sense of order and purpose to avoid overwhelming the senses.

Refined Maximalism is not just a trend but a movement powered creativity and our desire to push boundaries. By combining sustainable materials and design thinking, you can too redefine the future of fit-out across retail, hospitality, and commercial spaces. Embrace the freedom, tell your story, and design boldly whānau! The world awaits your mahi.

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