Unleash Your Creative Vision: Design Freedom with Sustainable Cleanstone Panels

Unleash Your Creative Vision: Design Freedom with Sustainable Cleanstone Panels

As someone who went through architecture school back in the day, I get that 78% of designers and architects prioritise creative freedom (Dodge Data & Analytics, 2020). Which is why I co-founded Critical... Cleanstone is designed to fuel your imagination, not limit it.

And I really enjoy getting to be a part of a designer's creative process, like developing this beautiful Cleanstone alongside Gareth Huston from WARREN AND MAHONEY for Bank of New Zealand's fit out so that it aligns with their brand colours. Oh and it's also translucent, which means you can backlight it. The deep blue is achieved from a blend of recycled blue commercial fishing nets combined with recycled soft plastics. This 100% recycled plastic Cleanstone is made in Aotearoa from hard to recycle Aotearoa plastic waste.

And it's incredible what these guys have designed and got planned for this upcoming space. We're just a small piece in an incredible creative vision and I can't wait to see how Retail Dimension (RD.) will bring all the elements together.

With customization being the king in the future of interior finishes: Choose from a vast array of colors, textures, and finishes with Cleanstone.

I'm the co-founder at Critical. and we transform plastic waste into beautiful and durable panels for building fit outs. If you have a fit out project your working on that require particular finishes that so happen to also be sustainable, I'd love to help. Send me a message or reach out via our website using the link below - your messages come straight to my inbox!


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