Green Buildings: Cost Savings and Revenue Benefits - Research Findings

Green Buildings: Cost Savings and Revenue Benefits - Research Findings

While environmental responsibility is important, the business case for sustainability today is stronger than ever, even compared to 5 years ago.

Last year at the Property Council New Zealand's NZ Green Property Summit, I recall the speaker from Argosy talk about his experience of seeing commercial benefits of building green. That even though choosing to build green led to an increase of 1% in the overall budget, the benefit was over an additional $1M in revenue for their property annually. (Hope my memory is correct, correct me if I'm wrong!)

While that's just one example, research suggest that eco-conscious decisions can lead to significant cost savings and revenue opportunities:

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Green buildings often use high-performance materials and systems that require less maintenance over time. Studies suggest a 6-8% reduction in maintenance costs for green buildings (

2. Enhanced Brand Image: Consumers and businesses are increasingly drawn to companies prioritising sustainability. Investing in sustainable materials like recycled plastic panels for fit-outs (retail, hospitality, etc.) positions you as a leader in environmental responsibility. (IBM Consumer Trust Survey, 2023)

3. Higher Occupancy Rates: Studies have shown that green buildings can attract and retain tenants more easily, leading to higher occupancy rates and potentially higher rental income. A study by Dodge Data & Analytics found that green buildings command rent premiums of 3-9%

4. Increased Property Value: Green buildings are becoming increasingly desirable, and their higher energy efficiency and environmental benefits can lead to increased property values. A study by CoStar Group found that green buildings can command a price premium of 6-11%

With stricter building codes are pushing for more sustainable practices. Embracing sustainable materials can now help you future-proof your business.

And we're seeing a surge in this shift as we at Critical. are inundated with demand for our Cleanstone panels and requests for custom Cleanstone mixes, like today's Cleanstone Sample 023 | Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics and ocean plastics for Keenan Small at Aspect Furniture in Australia. Let me know if this sample fits the project design Keenan.

By prioritising sustainable materials businesses create beautiful spaces, enhance brand reputation, and potentially improve your bottom line.

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