Shaping Sustainable Spaces: A Look at the Future of Furniture

Shaping Sustainable Spaces: A Look at the Future of Furniture

The future of furniture is brave, rooted in #circularity and embraces innovative materials. And this matters because we owe it to our grandchildren to do the right thing.

Here are 3 trends happening right now:

1/ Furniture crafted from recycled plastic panels like Critical. Cleanstone offer superior durability, aesthetics, and a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to virgin materials.

Like these beautiful stools designed by Nathan Swaney from Gestalt Studios and fabricated by Alistair Munro exclusively for Auckland Design Week Ltd (Ngā mihi nui Jen Jones). Made using 100% Kererū Cleanstone, means this beautiful and sturdy stool does not only use 100% recycled plastics, but also fully circular and recyclable at the end of it's extremely long life. This product will last generations.

2/ Natural materials like bamboo and mycelium are increasingly popular choices due to their rapid renewability and low carbon footprint.

3/ Consumers are demanding greater transparency regarding the origin and life cycle of furniture materials, playing a key part to how they select products for their spaces.

So I'm a designer or a manufacturer of furniture products, how does this affect me?

Well, sustainability is a growing priority for businesses. Offering eco-conscious furniture solutions can support your journey to becoming a market leader while helping to future-proof your brand as stricter regulations and environmental concerns are driving the market towards sustainable practices.

And we cannot move to circularity alone. Collaboration is key. Choose to partner with sustainable suppliers/companies that prioritise responsible sourcing, ethical manufacturing, and offer transparency throughout the supply chain.

Remember we don't inherit the land from our ancestors but borrow it from our children. We owe it to our grandchildren and their grandchildren to contribute to a greener future while creating beautiful and functional spaces.

I run a green building material company called Critical. ( and we help designers and brands build beautiful and sustainable spaces using Cleanstone, our range of near carbon neutral, 100% recycled plastic panels for building fit outs and furniture. If your working on a new project or developing new products, send me a DM!

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