Introducing the imitation greenstone, Faux-namu

Introducing the imitation greenstone, Faux-namu
We've been getting a lot of requests to bring a Pounamu like Cleanstone en mass for the fit out sector over the last 12 months. It seems like natural tones are a little easier to design for!

So after some R&D and hard mahi by the team, I'd proud to introduce Critical.'s new 'Faux-namu' Cleanstone - now LIVE on our online store as a new addition to our standards range.

Made from a blend of 100% recycled soft plastics and ocean fishing nets - nothing else! This beautiful panel is translucent and backlight-able as well as durable - able to flex and be bent into a variety of forms. It's low carbon and at the end of life, 100% recyclable.

Imagine your next kitchen, bathroom, retail space or commercial interior in Faux-namu and pair it with natural materials like timber and stone finishes to make it on brand ... all while telling your visitors and customers a good story.

A set of 24mm Faux-namu Cleanstone is already on it's way to Ngahere Communities to be made into an entire reception desk unit. Can't wait to see and share it once it's ready.


This Cleanstone mix was named by my mate Simon Ngawhika - so naming credit goes to the bro!

Mike - Critical.'s talented material scientist and technician is our model for this shoot as proof that there is an amazing team behind Critical making the magic happen - chur bro!
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