Beyond Aesthetics: How Interior Design Shapes Sustainable Fit-Outs

Beyond Aesthetics: How Interior Design Shapes Sustainable Fit-Outs

We all know good design creates beautiful spaces, but its impact goes far beyond aesthetics. With the average lifecycle of a fit out averaging 5-7 years, designers plays a crucial role in the future of sustainable fit-outs.

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I interviewed the talented Donna White ( Here are 3 things I observed about how she approach design you could apply into your practice today:

1. Material Selection: From my time working with her, I noticed how she always choose sustainable materials like recycled plastic panels like Cleanstone to minimise environmental footprint. And I'm really excited about an upcoming fit out she's been working on that include Critical. Cleanstone.

2. Design for Durability: I've noticed Donna's work often opt for High-quality, long-lasting materials that reduce the need for frequent replacements, minimising waste. Some of her projects like the Simplicity fit out are timeless and won't go out of style easily.

3. Space Optimisation: Clever design maximises space utilisation, potentially reducing the need for future expansions and renovations. Making spaces versatile and multifunctional have outsized environmental benefits.

A 2023 World Green Building Council report highlights that buildings contribute significantly to global resource consumption and waste generation. Sustainable design is no longer a "nice to have," it's an essential element of responsible development.

By taking inspiration from Donna, you too can create a future where beautiful design and environmental responsibility converge. Share your favourite sustainable fit-out projects in the comments below.

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