Founders: Beyond the Hustle - Prioritizing Wellbeing for the Long Run

Founders: Beyond the Hustle - Prioritizing Wellbeing for the Long Run

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On a more serious note, founders too often portray the glamorous side of entrepreneurship online. But what you see is just the tip of the iceberg. A 2022 study by the Centre for Creative Leadership found that 72% of founders experience burnout.


When you're bringing something new into the world like a venture, the risks are high, the pressure is constant and there are few people you can talk to who gets it.


In my years of seeking mentors who are further in the journey than me, I keep hearing this one insight, which is prioritising your wellbeing and systemising small and positive habits is essential for long-term success.


Here are 3 tips my mentors have shared with me that I'm still working on myself:


1. Stay active. Break up your day by scheduling breaks that recharge you and build a regular rhythm of physical exercise. Find what works for you because a healthy body means a healthy mind. I follow this 55 year old Hawaiian-Asian fulla called Bill Maeda on Instagram who post workouts and he's built like a tank... My goal is when I'm 55, I'm going to look and feel like him 😂


2. Sleep is king. This is a big work in progress for me still but good sleep is the root of all benefits. When we sleep poorly, we make poor decisions and thus behave more poorly to our whānau and our team. Include healthy rhythms to unwind your mind. I find the Headspace app really helpful, as well as reading before bed. When I'm really struggling and my brain is too active I fall asleep to ASMR videos (Audio only) on YouTube 😂 Don't judge me.


2. Find Your Tribe: Connect with other entrepreneurs who understand the highs and lows. Share experiences, celebrate wins, mourn the losses and lean on each other for support. There are few people who can understand you better (apart from your own whānau and close mates) than a tribe of people going through the same thing as you. I have a small group of founders I lean on personally who I trust to share the highs and lows.


Building a sustainable business starts with making your personal life sustainable By taking care of yourself, you'll have the energy and focus to take your business to the next level.


I'm no expert and still a 'rangatahi' at learning all this!


Share this post if you know someone in your life who needs to hear this.


Oh and if your curious, I'm the co-founder at Critical. and we help designers and brands building beautiful spaces using Cleanstone, our range of 100% recycled plastic panels that will make our mokopuna proud.


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