The Future of Events: Immersive & Sustainable with Cleanstone

The Future of Events: Immersive & Sustainable with Cleanstone

The way we experience events is changing, with a focus on immersive experiences that minimise environmental impact. And this makes a lot of sense as event spaces are temporary.


With 80% of event organisers looking for ways to make their events more sustainable (2023 Event Industry Report), Dane Botherway from Exhibition Hire Services NZ is pioneering this shift through their range of beautiful fixtures that integrate 100% recycled plastics panels that is Critical. Cleanstone.


And the results are stunning! Checkout the Forest Cleanstone made using 100% recycled commercial plastic fishing nets and soft plastics used both as a durable bar countertop as well as the light screen behind drinks shelving... and how the 'Clear' Cleanstone made from a mixture of 100% recycled commercial plastic packaging, masterfully adapted with warm plywood hues into this beautiful customer counter.


In today's environment, experience is king and attendees want to be transported to different worlds without feeling guilty! Critical. Cleanstone allows for fixtures to last a lifetime and it's zero-waste construction and disassembly means you are diverting plastics from landfill and reducing reliance on traditional, often single-use materials.


Here are 3 ways to incorporate sustainable design into your next project:


Embrace Sustainable Materials: Explore options like recycled plastic panels, FSC-certified wood, or locally-sourced materials.


Design for Reuse: Create modular displays that can be easily reconfigured for future events, minimizing waste.


Partner with Eco-Conscious Suppliers: Collaborate with companies committed to the circular economy and responsible manufacturing practices.


Sustainable design isn't just good for the planet, it helps to create memorable experiences for attendees. Ngā mihi nui Dane Botherway for your teams incredible mahi and we're grateful to be a part of it e hoa.


I run a green building materials company called Critical. and we help designers and brands create beautiful and memorable experiences using 100% recycled plastic panels called Cleanstone. If your working on a project and are looking for sustainable materials, hit me up via a DM or reach out via our website using the link below. Let's create a future together that will make our grandchildren proud!


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