We've combine plastic waste together with stone!

We've combine plastic waste together with stone!

Today's Cleanstone Sample 015 - is an experimental blend made from a combination of recycled #softplastics waste and a byproduct of seashell waste and the result is pretty stunning.

A translucent white 'stone' under the right light! Made from 100% recycled plastics and stone. It's literally, Clean-stone! haha, for all the dad's out there ... that was for you.

The separation of plastics from contamination in traditional recycling is often really important in determining if it can be recycled or end up in landfill. And our current technology and infrastruction is only capable of recycling 4 out of 24 plastic types. It's just not good enough.

At @Critical. we've built a better technology that can push the boundaries of making #recycledplastics compatible with a wide variety of non plastic byproducts and waste materials. Cleanstone is our next generation of #sustainable and #Lowcarbon #buildingmaterials that are not just good for te taiao, but also refined, beautiful and tough!

Keep you posted.

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